Welcome to the oficial web of “Los Toreros” hotels.

In all our hotels, “Los Toreros”, Doña Carmen” , and “Los Toreros del Trabancos” you will find first of all familiarity because these is our origin. We are a worker family that, after a lot of work and effort we manage to buy an old tillage house in Tordesillas.

Then started our first project, hotel “Los Toreros” located in Tordesillas, giving to our clients a very cozy service and an exquisite personal threatment.

Later we started with our second project, “Doña Carmen” Hotel, also located in Tordesillas, where we put all our effort to obtain a little hotel with only 15 rooms, which is located in a really beautiful place, and where you could enjoy a beautiful sightseeing of the roman bridge of Tordesillas.

Finally we built our last project, “Los Toreros del Trabancos” Hotel, located in Sieteiglesias de Trabancos, trying to offer our best service to the travelers coming from Portugal, because we are located next to the highway that joins Portugal with the rest of Europe.

We hope our hotels to be of your pleasure and thanks again for trusting “Fernández Higuera” family.